Protective Coatings for protective coatings page should have 7 nice clean boxes (Curran 500 ect) with pick of coating bucket and quick description see

Curran 500 Low temp, thick film/cladding, 100% solids epoxy

Curran 1000 High temp, thin film, 100% solids epoxy

Curran 1000R High temp, 100% solids epoxy

Curran 1200 High temp, spray applied, 100% solids epoxy

Curran 1500 Cold wall resistant, High temp, 100% solids epoxy

Curramix 2500 Extreme temp (1200F) coating material

Other Materials PFA coatings Super thin film Sol Gel Coatings

Case Studies

Coating Cooling Water Exchangers:

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Exchanger Parts Coating:

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Tube Condition Coated vs Uncoated

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