Curran 2500

An ultra-low DFT advanced single part ambient-cure anti-coking coating system designed specifically for high temperature metal substrates and components. In independent lab testing this coating has exhibited excellent anti-fouling and anti-coking performance, and is resistant to thermal cycling. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures up to 1200°F. May be applied to heat exchanger tubes, plate & frame exchangers, tube sheets, channels, exchanger components and crude heaters. Can be applied in-situ.

Lab testing results found by industry SMEs:

  • Excellent Hydrophobic & Oleophobic properties
  • Excellent foul release; reduction in surface friction
  • Coating surface remains smooth even at high temperatures.
  • Superior adhesion, thermoshock resistant
  • Resists micro-cracking & spalling
  • Temperature resistant to 1200 °F (649 °C)
  • Case Studies

    Coating Cooling Water Exchangers:

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    Exchanger Parts Coating:

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    Tube Condition Coated vs Uncoated

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