Specifying the Right Protective Coating for Worst-Case Conditions

When specifying an internal coating for fixed equipment in immersion service it’s important to understand the operating conditions, temperature, fluid exposure, and whether the equipment is insulated.

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Curran’s Plate and Frame Exchanger Coating Significantly Increases Thermal Conductivity

Scaling and fouling in plate and frame (PFE) heat exchangers results in significant loss of performance and negatively affects energy efficiency of the system.

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Protect, Prolong Exchanger Service-Life Hydraulically Expanded Liners Restore Corroded Exchangers

From the time a heat exchanger is placed into active service external factors such as erosion, corrosion and mechanical issues immediately begin to directly affect the longevity of the heat exchanger components, especially the tubes.

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Tube-In Tube Liners Return Corroded Tubes to Duty with Very Minimal Downtime!

Curran International’s proven repair solution, using full length tube liners for a tube-in-tube repair, maintains tubes in-service – with very minimal downtime.

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Learn About Ultra-Thin, High Temperature Curramix 2500 Coating at NACE 2017

Curran will introduce a new tube ID coating technology for ultra-thin film exchanger applications, at NACE Corrosion 2017.

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A Once in-a-Generation Restoration

Power plant steam condenser tube replacement is a major, once-in-a-generation maintenance event. These can be large systems, each with a wide range of designed-capacities, depending on thermal demands.

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Hydraulic Tube Liners and Thin Film Tube ID Coatings Proven Technologies for Prolonged Heat Exchanger Tube Longevity

Applying a Curran thin-film coating to the ID of your heat exchanger tubes will provide you with more reliable heat exchangers that will provide additional years of active service.

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Ensure Fin Fan Operating Integrity with Multi-Method Approach to NDE

Verifying the tube integrity of fin fan air coolers is an important inspection task of NDE professionals.

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For Curran, It's Another Day at the Power Plant

More than 1000 tubes salvaged and returned to service. A 20% increase in surface area of a 4,800 tube condenser bundle. Plus, improvements in turbine back pressure and plant heat rate.

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Case Studies

Coating Cooling Water Exchangers:

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Exchanger Parts Coating:

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Tube Condition Coated vs Uncoated

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