Foul Release Exchanger Coatings

Curran is at the forefront of material and application technology development using advanced polymers and inorganic/hybrid coatings. New advances in material provide for ultra thin (<25 micron) foul release applications for “critical service,” and Plate and Frame exchangers.

Curran Tube ID Coating Benefits

  • Reduce fouling, precipitate scaling; mitigate corrosion and velocity erosion
  • Eliminate routine exchanger maintenance, extend “useful life” of exchangers
  • Reduce head pressure, energy savings (Energy Exchanger initiatives)
  • All applications are subject to Curran quality control, and critical hold points documented and reported to client. We coat shell & tube, exchanger bundles, air coolers, U tube and plate and frame exchangers; provide in-service exchange tube ID restoration; tube end coating, plate exchangers, OD tube coating; in-situ and field coating applications.

    Engineered thin film foul release exchanger coatings

    Curran 1000T – An advanced two-part 100% solids epoxy coating designed for high temperature immersion service in cooling water, some hydrocarbons and process streams. This coating is an organic/inorganic hybrid that can be applied in a single coat to 3-5 mils total DFT, when pigmented with PTFE it achieves a hydrophobic finish and provides for superior release.

    Baked Phenolic – Shop applied, bake catalyzed, suitable for all cooling water services, hydro carbons, salt solutions and solvents. Immersion resistance to 365°F; applied to 7-10 mils total DFT.

    Curramix 2500 – An ultra-low DFT ambient-cure coating system designed for high temperature fouling services; in lab testing found to have excellent hydrophobic & oleophobic properties, anti-coking performance, resistant to thermal cycling and is suitable for services to 1200°F. May be applied to heat exchanger tubes, plate & frame exchangers. Applied to 20-40 microns total DFT.

    Sol Gel – Ceramic SiO “backbone” hybrid with organic and inorganic components, suitable for plate & frame, and tube bundles in process critical services. Applied to 20-40 microns total DFT.
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    Case Studies

    Coating Cooling Water Exchangers:

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    Exchanger Parts Coating:

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    Tube Condition Coated vs Uncoated

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